:: The Characteristics ::

- High Corrosion Resistance -
'avonplast 'Rigid PVC conduits are free from rust and not attacked by corrosive saline atmosphere and excessive humidity.

- Fire resistance -

'avonplast' Rigid PVC Conduits are fire retardant and self extinguishing. Hence they are less hazardous and safer than other thermoplastic pipes.

- Conductivity -

The electrical conductivity of PVC is low and therefore this is most suitable as electrical conduits.

- Non-conductor -
PVC is a non - conductor of electricity and as such 'avonplast' Rigid PVC Conduits prevent electrical shocks and shorts.

- Light weight -

'avonplast' Rigid PVC Conduits weigh only 1/6th as much as Steel conduits of same diameter and therefore easy to handle, transport and install.

- Strength -
PVC pipes generally have high mechanical strength and as such 'avonplast' Rigid PVC Conduits can be used in opened and buried installations.

  :: The User Friendly &
                           Convenient product ::

- Easy wiring -
'avonplast' Rigid PVC Conduits have smooth interior wall which makes wiring easier and faster.

- Easy installation -
'avonplast' Rigid PVC Conduits can be shaped and joined without difficulty. Bends can be made by heating. Joining by solvent cement technique is cheaper, simpler and easier.

- No maintenance -
PVC Conduit pipes do not need any painting and has excellent weathering properties. Hence 'avonplast' Rigid PVC Conduits need little or no maintenance.

Physical & Electrical properties:

'avonplast' Rigid PVC Conduits have the following properties :
Specific gravity 1.4
Tensile trength kg/cm2 Over 500
Breakdown Voltage KV/mm 18
Insulation Resistance 4x10 - @ 500V (40,000 Mega Ohms)
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